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The most complete listing ever done on the German coastal defence system 1940-45!
If you want to read about the invasion and occupation of Norway, you should visit the article section. You can find out more about Norwegian volunteers to both the Waffen-SS and Milorg. Read about German  units during operation Weserubung, Norwegian, British, Soviet and American units, weapons, Nasjonal Samling, Norwegian police in Sweden, Oob's and many other facts, articles and stories!
Online Forum
For those of you that want to ask a question, or participate in a discussion, relating to Norway during ww2, this is the place to be! Be sure to read the guideline first! Register and join in!

Book reviews!
Books related to Norway during world war 2!
What's new?
I recommend you to start your visit here! All the latest updates and changes will be notified on this page!
What happened during the war years in Norway?
Read more about important personalities  during ww2!

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This page contains different resources available on  Internet, we recommend them all! 

Norwegian Page
Here is a Norwegian version of NDWW2. It contains articles in Norwegian not yet translated into English and vice versa. Warning! It is not as updated as this page!
Picture Section
Picture section
The picture section is filled with unique pictures from soldiers private photo albums! Both Norwegian and German ww2 pictures are represented here. You can find some official Kriegsberichter pictures too!
Search this site!
If you want to search for a special subject, place or a name, you could try to search for it here! This section also contains a translator!

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