Welcome to our special 
200 000 visitor draw for our members!
200 000 visitors draw
This task is truly a joy for a webmaster, not many sites have got more than 200 000 hits! In less than 4 years we have become one of the truly big ww2 sites in the world, and we feel it's time to celebrate again. We have performed a draw among our members to celebrate 200 000 visitors to our site. Only one prize is awarded this time.
We are proud to announce that TOM HYLDMO is the winner of this draw and he wins the pc strategy games! We congratulate him and ourselves!
Three excellent strategy games is our 200 000 visitors prize! The draw is done among our members who contributes to Nuav by paying a annual membership fee.

100 000 visitors draw
In addition to the regular prizes our members can win each year, we have decided that they will be included in a special draw to celebrate our 100 000 visitor! The members have supported Nuav economically, and has helped us with our research and allowed us to pay for serverspace and other expenses. We thank you all for your support!
This is what our members can win:
*PC strategy game "Panzer General" Probably one of the best ww2 strategy games ever!
*Cronograph watch with tons of advanced functions!
-Value about £50, $75, 700 kroner!
*A set of three soviet medals.
*British ww2 medal "Afrika star"
*German ww2 medal "Westwall"
-Comes with original bag!
The draw of one and one item will be held randomly within one month, every winner will be contacted and listed below! The first winner can choose which of the five prizes he/she wants!
It's not to late to join in
Support our work, you can win even more stuff!

*Tore Eggan, Norway (Watch)
*Bjørnar Ristvedt, Norway (Westwall medal)
*Svein-Egil Knudsen, Norway (Afrika Star)
*Bjørn Jervås, Norway (PC game)
*Ståle S. Skjæveland (3 medals)


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