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of honour:
Nuav is based upon volunteers work and effort to maintain the quality of the site. Some of these individuals is more active than others and is constantly working towards our mutual goal; To learn more about Norway during ww2. 
     The volunteers work is of very high importance and is an inspiration to us who work in Nuav. These persons has either worked countless hours to do their research which they gladly provide to us all, or helped us in other ways that has helped us reach our goals! 
     Nuav has decided to give these persons a reward for their hard work. A lifetime membership of honour in the Nuav's friends club is perhaps the best thing we can offer! This gives the recipient the same rights as regular members. They will also be included in the draw for prices each January!
      It is not easy to become member of honour. At least two of Nuav's co-workers have to suggest and approve a person before the award is presented.
We hope that this little token of gratitude from us is inspiring for those who gets this award, and that they will continue providing us with their vast knowledge!

The citation to the member of honour, 
complete with seal & signature!
The following individuals have earned this award:
Name: Country: Reason:
Øistein Th. Berge Norway From the early start, Øistein has monitored our work at Nuav. He helped out our co-worker Bjørn Jervås with his article, Festung Norwegen. Øistein is always helpful and willing to share his vast knowledge about Norwegian naval history with us. Øistein have full time work, but still manage to log in at our forum almost every day, answering all sorts of questions that would have taken us days to find answers to.
Bjørn Jervås and Kurt Monsen has both suggested Øistein to this award. This was later supported by Simon Orchard, which means that Øistein is granted lifetime membership in our humble friends club.
Andrey Kuznetsov
Andrey is the "comet from the east", and is perhaps Russia's answer to Øistein Berge. He has access to archives that are unattainable to us. Andrey is a very valuable recource, as Russian OOB's and other rare archive material is offered both to us and our forum. We get to know the Russian side of the story, explaining many historical events that has untill now just been assumed. Andrey is eager to share his knowledge with us all. We appreciate this very much.
Bjørn Jervås suggested Andrey to this award, and Kurt Monsen approved. Simon Orchard was not present, hence he could give his vote. We welcome our brother from the east into our friends club.

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