Document: KIM01/0870 classified.
Articles, interviews and biographies. Research, Orders of battle, units, etc.
German, volunteers & NS: German, volunteers and NS:
Operation Weserubung-The German Invasion of Norway. Luftwaffe/heer units under operation Weserubung.
Nasjonal Samling-The Governments Kriegsmarine units under operation Weserubung.
Den Norske Legion- Freiwilligen Legion Norwegen German Panzer Unit in Norway 1940.
Norwegian volunteers. German organisation & weapons 9. April 1940
6. SS-Gebirgsdivision German Flak units in Norway.
The Fallschirmjäger Battle at Dombaas. German air force units in Norway 1940-45.
History of the Norwegian Political SS. Iron Cross 1. class awarded to Norwegians
Allied: Order of battle-North Norway 1940
99th Battalion (separate) - US Army. Norwegian aircraft in 1940
The Soviet advance into Norway. Norwegian uniforms & equipment 1940.
Norwegian Police units in Sweden. Miscellaneous:
The dangerous coast German rank and insignia: Army, kriegsmarine, luftwaffe and Waffen-SS
Commando operations in Norway Book reviews
Miscellaneous: Norwegian Waffen-SS volunters soldbuch..and the history behind.
Bergen 1940 (-45.) Fake colors! WW2 images with colors added by Nuav!
Drama at Haltenbanken Treasure hunting inside the 11. Ubootfl
The bomb raids at the u-boat bunker at Laksevaag. Color slides from Norway
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