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International Links:
German & axis forces:
FeldGrau A most informative and impressing site! Very helpful people in the discussion group!!! 
U-boat Net If you are into U-boats, this is the  place to be! 
Luftwaffe.no Excellent three-in-one site on the Luftwaffe in Norway! The webmasters has put a lot of work in his drawings of WW2 aircrafts! 
Achtung Panzer! Great place to be if you like panzers!! 
Die Gebirgstruppen Great site, very nice design, and interesting content!
Norway 1940 This interesting site is going to steal away all our visitors! (He's swedish too!) ;-)
Luft '46 This site has concentrated on the different German aircrafts that was developed or was on the drawing boards in the later stages of ww2.
Axis Biographical Research You can find much information on the third reich leaders of Germany and the occupied countries.
Third reich factbook Heaps of information, -so much to choose between, don't get lost in here! 
Luftwaffe 1933-45 Great and well known site about Luftwaffe.
Panzerdiesel The German Panzer Forces 1935 - 1945. In both German and English!
7grad.org/ Much info about all you need to know about Regelbau, bunkers and fortifications.
www.atlantikwall-research-norway.de/ Multinational site about fortifications in Norway.
Bismarck & Tirpitz A great site containing pictures and all you need and want to know about Tirpitz, Bismarck and other german naval battleships.

German, axis & allied militaria:
German Military Awards and Decorations Best information on the different types of awards! The webmaster updates very often. Is one of the biggest ww2 sites on the net! 
German Daggers Nice site about German daggers and bayonets. Nice forum

Allied forces:
U.S. Army Homepage If you have many hours to kill, go here! Heaps of information, many hidden treasures!
Håkans Flygsida - Norwegian biplane fighter pilots Interesting site about Norwegian airforce during ww2.
http://www.b24.no/ A story about ten american airmen crashlanding in Norway with their b-24 in Norway

Vermissten und Toten Datenbank Use this place to find German soldiers MIA or KIA, and their burial place!
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission Search for locations of casualties of war. (Both ww1 and ww2)
Australian War Memorial Photograph Database TONS of pictures! We really mean it- heaps of ww2 pictures! Search and find!
Warsailors.com A huge number of Norwegian Merchant Marine and Ships and their fates is listed on this site.
WW2 OOB's Niehorsters excellent website containing orders of battle for all major theaters in ww2
Lone Sentry A very nice site with many hidden treasures. This site could fit in any of the sections above, but ended here.


Military Life "Your Online Military Community" 
Ww2 battlefield relics Interesting information and pictures of relics of war.
D-Day 1944 French site. I don't understand French, but there are some interesting photos to look at.
Imperial war Museum Probably the best world war museum. It's situated in London.
www.1939-45.org Beatiful site about ww2. In French only!
Aeroplane crash sites of Lapland Want to check out whats left of the wrecks in Lapland? Go here!
AirWarEurope Airwar in Europe. Relics found today, etc.
http://www.historama.com A new site focusing on the promotion of history, and deals both with encouraging interest in history as well as trade in historical memorabilia
Norway during ww2

Excellent source 
of ww2 books!
Links to ww2 forums:
Uboat net - Forum List This site got several forums you can choose between. Perhaps the biggest ww2 forum there is...
FeldGrau forum One of the biggest ww2 forums in the world. You can end up discussing with veterans, historians or trouble makers!
Wehrmacht Awards, Decorations and Militaria Forum Our favorite forum! Lots of interesting people, many authors and lots of dogfights! 
Norway during WW2 forum Our own, humble forum. Lots of interesting people here too! (Even some authors and well known historians!)

Norske/Nordiske linker:
FRM - Forsvarets rekrutterings- og mediesenter Litt av hvert fra forsvaret. Linker til alle våpengrener i forsvaret.
Tysklandsbrigaden Offisiell hjemmeside for tysklandsbrigaden.
Digital okkupasjon Okkupasjonen i Norge
Hvite busser Organisasjonen "Hvite busser" har sin egen hjemmeside, der du bla. kan melde deg på turer til konsentrasjonsleirer i Tsjekkia, Polen og Tyskland. 
Historiske Militære Kjøretøyers Forening (HMK) HMK er en sivil, upolitisk forening hvis formål er å bevare enhver type kjøretøy av militærhistorisk betydning, deler til disse, dokumentasjon og annet materiell med naturlig tilknytning til kjøretøyene og deres bruk. 
Nordiki UiB og HiB sammarbeider om et offentlig nettsted om andre verdenskrig. 
Try the fine dealers of militaria, music and books in the link below. 
Tell them your found their ad in "Norway during ww2".
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