Do you want a copy of a picture?
Most of the pictures used here in Nuav comes from the webmasters private collection.  If you want to use these pictures in a publication or in any other way publish it,  we think it is only fair to ask for a small fee, considering the expenses and effort the webmaster have had acquiring these pictures.
You will receive a scan of the desired picture(s) in any chosen resolution you want, from 50 to 600dpi. We will also include all information we have about the picture(s), like captions and comments, and you will of course receive a written permission to use the picture(s). Students working on a school project, can use the pictures for free, but have to contact us first and also include the source (our webpage) in the project.
The pictures can under no circumstances be used to encourage pro- or neo-nazi ideology!!
If you are interested in copies, please e-mail the webmaster.
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