Here you will be able to find out more about us who works with Nuav. Some of us can be reached by e-mail, and we will be happy to answer questions you might have about articles written or Norway during ww2 in general. Click our names to find out more about us.
Kurt Monsen Designer of the site and manager of Nuav. Interested in Norway during ww2 in general.
Simon Orchard Historian and co-worker in Nuav. Specializes in British commando units, 20. Gebirgs armee, etc.
Bjørn Jervås Historian and co-worker in Nuav. Expert in NS, Waffen-SS, coastal artillery units, etc.
Halvor Sperbund Historian and Author. Specializes in German and allied military forces in relation to western Norway during the war.
Hugh-Page Taylor Historian and Author. Expert in Waffen-SS in general. Have published a number of books. All have become collectors items and no. 1 reference for other historians.
The following individuals are also helping Nuav in different ways: 
Øistein Berge, Georg Parada, Morten Balestrand, Olve Dybvig.


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