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11. april
After many years of "vacation", I will start working with Nuav again.  At least that's the plan. I have started to update the links page.
Finally, the last days of our old and spam infected forum is over! Our new forum got tons of new features, check it out!


Corrected an error on our Kiegsmarine OOB page, discovered by Terje Langøy. Many thanks, Terje!
23. juni
Bob Persons huge list over recommended ww2 books added in our book review section.
Several Book reviews has been added. A friend of Nuav, Johan Falkenberg, has begun to review books for us, hopefully, he'll do more for us soon!
We have added a password entry on our forum, to try to avoid spamming. The username is: forum28000 and the password is: nuav


Book added in book review section. A real goodie!


Links page is updated.
We have opened a new page with rare colour pictures from a soldier in Kriegsmarine.
Our annual draw has found three lucky members that each won nice prizes!
New names added in the list of Iron cross first class awarded to Norwegians
23. february
Our linkpage is finally updated, all dead links removed, some few new links added, please let us know if you know about some GOOD ww2 links.
10. February
US 99th batallion (sep) article updated and redesigned.
17. December
We have got more than 200 000 visitors, and have had a special 200 000 visitors draw among our members. Check out who won and what our prize was!
07. October
We have added a Real Media file to our article about the 99th Batallion. Listen to a Norwegian/american veteran telling about his experience in 99th!
28. August
We have made an advice page for you, where you can join in or look at great stuff on Internet! This is a page full of valuable resources that helps you survive in the militaria and ww2 jungle!
15. June
Norwegian political ss has been updated. Missing links in our map is fixed.
Our map is finally online again! Once again, you will be able to browse through a highly detailed, german ww2 map over Norway. Good luck!
7. June
Finally the prizes that our members can win is here! -And what prizes! This year it should be something for everyones taste! So, join in, support our work!
25. May 2002
Treasure hunting inside the 11. ubootflotillas uboatcamp is added. Short article for those of you who enjoy digging in the dirt!
02.January 2002
The draw of our prices has concluded with the following winners:
1. Prize (MP3 Player) was won by Morten Balestrand.
2. Prize (King Size book) was won by Oddvar Haagensen.
3-4.Prize ( Pc games/software) was won by Tormod Christiansen (4x games/software) and Lasse Tur (3x games/software). Congratulations!
25. September
The book review section is updated, this time the book "Inside Fortress Norway  -Bjørn West – Norwegian Guerrilla Base, 1944-1945" was reviewed by Bob Pearson.
14 August
Holidays are over, and it's the season for surfing and working on the net again!
We start off the autumn with the last draw of our 100000 visitors awards to our members!
We have also started the boring work to find obsolete and old links that does not work, and will soon be ready to post articles again! 
21. April 01
A new section is added. Our members of honour is listed here. Pay the site a visit, perhaps you could be the next one on the list? Btw, a small chat club has already started at our chat site. Every wednesday at 21:00 CET (That's 20:00 in Norway) we will discuss all kind of things relating to Norway during ww2. We accept Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English language. Of course Germans can log in and discuss as well, but due to the language problems, the webmaster cannot join in! (I do know German cursing, so keep it clean! ;-))
06. April 01
A new feature is added: CHAT! Now you can chat in realtime with your internetfriends! Plan a schedule, start a debate, make your own chat club!
22. February 01
Norwegian political SS is updated, another book review by Simon Orchard is added. 
02.February 01
Nuav is two years today, and with well over 76 000 visitors, we have proven the demand for this kind of information! We have worked hard to get these results. I have to say that all the co-workers have constantly been working on their projects, but they have not been able to get their articles and information online the last months. I, the webmaster is to blame for this. I have been married in december, and one my kids have been in hospital, and is still sick. As you all know, Nuav is a project based on volunters effort, unfortunally, I have been haunted by several predictable and unpredictable events, that's tied up all my spare time, when I was supposed to do updates. It seems that things is lightening up and I begin to be ready to work with Nuav again. I hope you all will understand this, and continue to visit and support us!
I have started to update the members page, with new prizes to win! To give you an idea what our paying members have helped us with so far, here a short listing:
We could afford to register our own domain, we could afford to buy rare books and reference material and finally, we could afford to buy 50 mb space in a webhotel, and we paied for lifetime use!
29. October
One of the most important recources Nuav got, is the archive with 2000+ original images from ww2. As a project to try to enhance some of the images, I have tried to transform black and white images into colored images. Perhaps you would like to check out my little experiment. Please mail me and tell me what you think! Should I continue with this work, or should I leave the images alone, and present them unaltered and in original state?
25. October
The Link page is updated. Most of the new sites was suggested to us via e-mail from you, the visitor. If you know about a really good ww2 site, mail us now!
08. October
Finally the Aboutus page is updated. This time it's yours truly that reveals my inner secrets, you'll even get to see a picture of me! How do I really look like? This is probably the best kept secret in the world! Not even Bjørn and Simon knows for sure! Bjørn Jervås once guessed that I was about 120 kg, 130 cm high, with red hear and freckles. Well, that sounds like a real Norwegian troll to me, I guess he's right about it all! ;-)
07. October
The article about Den Norske Legion (Frw. Legion Norwegen) has been updated, a complete list of the general staff of “Den norske Legion”, July 1941, in Oslo (administrative) is added.
06. October
The "A soldiers life through a soldbuch" is updated, as new information about the owner became available.
Book review section updated. Simon Orchard has reviewed 3 Norwegian books that might be interesting for other than Norwegians to buy. Why? Have a look yourself and find out!
30. September
Iron Cross 1. class awarded to Norwegians, a complete list over Norwegians that where awarded the EK1. We will soon add at least 4 more titles to our new book review page. 
16. August
Book reviews updated. Our co-worker, Simon Orchard has decided to donate most of his militaria collection to the benefit of Nuav! (You are free to do so too ;-)) These items will be traded or sold at The collection range from cloth insignia to daggers and medals, we recommend that you visit ju52 and check out if you find anything of interest. Only a few items will be put online at the time, so check out for new objects regularly!
30. July
I was actually planning to wait till we got 50 000 visitors before this huge update, but what the heck, my 30th birthday is in a couple of days, so I guess I will not have the time doing it then. So many new features is added, here goes; First of all, I have wanted to present those co-workers who is making Nuav such a great place to be (I hope). Simon Orchard has the honour to be the first one out. Next presentation will come asap. A book review section is added, only a few books is currently reviewed, but this page will grow rapidly. A rare treat for those into militaria, documents and research; Nuav have aquired a Soldbuch from a Norwegian Volunteer in the Waffen-SS, and these are as rare as a dog that speaks Norwegian! Read the story behind it, maybe you'll be surprised over what a Norwegian Waffen-SS officer did with a picture of Hitler? Have you ever wondered about those insignias and rank patches on german uniforms? We have tried to make a short list with illustrations, and hope they can help you out in your research. Our new and updated Linkpage has changed it's name to "Resource page" because it function more as a rescource for historians, students and others with the interest of ww2 history. Heaps of new links have been added, you'll spend hours in here! Hope you enjoy all the new features, happy 50 000 visitors! (And happy birthday to me!)
17. July
Two articles has been redesigned: Den Norske Legion (Frw. Legion Norwegen) and History of the Norwegian Political SS. I have also added a DOWNLOADABLE Norwegian Waffen-SS song. You can find it in the Norwegian volunters in wehrmach and Waffen-SS article. In the same article, I have added a drawing of a soldier in a waffen-SS uniform as well. Check it out, and tell us what you think.


I have lost some of the update information below, so it's not 2 months since the last update! The last weeks have been busy for me, I have been in court and I have been preparing my new company "IKOn Design", and my kids has been sick lately. To top it all, my old server suddenly changed the url to Nuav, so I had to update all the pages in panic last night. All links on every page should work by now. The plan was to wait with this update till all the pages got the same design. I have started with the Panzerunit in Norway and Volunteers article, Please mail me and tell me what you think of Nuavs new look! I have tried to make it match the frontpage, and simulated old sheet of paper look. I think it looks ok to me, but I have been working on it so long that I've turned "blind" and can't see anything wrong with it. I changed the design into light background to help those of you who want to print out a page or two for your own reference. There will be much updates on Nuav in the near future, new articles is on it's way, and heaps of unique pictures is waiting to get online.
30. April
Fixed some spelling errors in the picture section (Luftwaffe), facelift of frontpage. Nuav has got a new sponsor, Brandenburg Historica, who is a serious American dealer. They got lots of music from ww2, great militaria items in stock + many superb book titles! Remember to tell our sponsors that you found their ad in Nuav. If you want to see some pictures from Bergen of the 60 years anniversary of the German invasion of Norway, you can go here. The text is in Norwegian, but the pictures is interesting.
7. April
It's two days left to the 60 years anniversary for Germanys invasion in Norway 1940, and it's about time to show you all the real reason for the few updates lately: Nuav can provide the biggest article about coastal artillery in Norway 1940-45 ever presented on the net! "Festung Norwegen" is written by Bjørn Jervås, and both him and the webmaster almost turned crazy with all the small details to make this article almost perfect. We are afraid to say 100% perfect, as there are bound to be mistakes in an 69 pages + article, but it will at least rate 99,9%! Visit it, search for the units, -go nuts and don't get lost in there! We would also remind our visitors about our new militaria page at We have just added a very, very rare Fallschirmjaeger helmet! If you click on the pop-up window, you'll be supporting Nuav as well! Preparation and battle of Bergen has been updated.
The militaria dealer "Jamie Cross" has decided to support us, visit him, he 's got a lot of quality items for sale! Remember to always tell our sponsors you found their ad in Nuav!
20. March 2000
Finally "Norway during WW2" got it's own domain, you can now visit us at (Why Nuav? Nuav= Norge Under Andre Verdenskrig or Norway during ww2 in norwegian) We are still located at the old adress, but you should make a bookmark on the new one! To avoid confusions regarding trading militaria and the research done at Nuav, we have now opened our own domain to be able to serve you better. You can visit our new and improved militaria page at! This will provide an excellent service to our sponsors and members, so why don't you join in?


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