Kriegsmarine Colour slides
On rare occations colour pictures from ww2 appear. They always seem to wipe away all those years since the war and make everything look like it happened yesterday. 
We have managed to locate a large collection of kriegsmarine colour slides from an officer serving in a coastal fortress unit outside Ålesund, then at a vorpostenboot flotille at Molde/Ålesund. He took photos all along our coastline from Bergen to Billefjord in Finnmark and even managed to take some in Oslo as well. We hope you will enjoy these images, please contact us if you got questions or additional information.

St.Olavsplatz, Drontheim, dez.1940

"Gote" outside Molde

Vorpostenboote in Mosjøen Harbour

Ålesund harbour

"Germane" from Ålesund/Molde

Crew from "Franke"

"Bryggen" in Bergen

Kptlnt. Køning in "Pionier"

Molde, end of July 1940

British bomb attack at Ålesund

South harbour at Ålesund

A short rest

Entering Molde harbour


Klnt Halm

"Sinsenkrysset" in Oslo
"Carl Berners plass" and "Trondheimsveien" in direction north towards Sinsen 
(Thanks to Bjørn Henry)
Norway during ww2

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