When Norway capitulated in June 1940, there were still some armed Norwegian forces intact: two Infantry Battalions and one Motorised Artillery Battery who guarded the Norwegian/Soviet-Russian and Finnish border in East-Finnmark. These were led by Colonel Wilhelm Faye.
As Hitler did not want to deploy ordinary Heer units to replace the Norwegians, the choice was 9. SS Totenkopf-Standarte led by SS-Obersturmbannführer Ernst Deutsch. However, the first unit to arrive in Kirkenes, was called "SS Batallion Reitz", named after their commander Obersturmbannführer Wilhelm Reitz.
During the spring 1941, two new Standarten (Regiments) arrived: the 6th and 7th. After a short time, the 6th SS, with large elements from the 9th SS, moved into positions at Salla in Northern-Finland.
General von Falkenhorst did, however, not trust their fighting ability very much, because even If the formations were well equipped, the men were poorly trained.
The two latter regiments crossed the Finnish/Norwegian border, and were ready at Salla the 22nd June, 1941.
As the attack on Soviet came, the divisions, now usually called "Brigade", were thrown into the battle at Markajärvi-Salla. They suffered great losses, and were an expected disappointment to the German commanders: Falkenhorst and Buschenhagen. The SS forces lost 700 men the first two days in combat with strong Russian forces. (300 KIA and 400 WIA). 
The Brigade got a new unit attached, SS-Gebirgsartillerie-Regiment 6, and was now redesigned as a Division. During the autumn 1941, the Division was handed over to the battle-hardened Finnish General Siilasvuo, and took positions at Louchi/Kiestinki.
Gen. Siilasvuo was no bad choice for an Army Corps commander: he had served in the Finnish famous volunteer "Jägerbatallion 27" during WW 1, on the German side.
A Führer order was soon to be given, which said "…..As for the SS-units, there is to be formed a new SS-Gebirgsbrigade formed by volunteering Norwegians and Finns. An Austrian SS-regiment is to be attached, and the remaining units are to be deployed from "Kampfgruppe Nord".
A unit by Finnish volunteers was never formed in this case, but a Norwegian one soon came true: the "Freiwilligen-Skikompanie "Norwegen", later Frwg.-Skibatallion "Norwegen". (Norwegian: "Skijegerbataljonen")

6-SS-Gebirgsdivision "Nord" – The Facts

Former designations:
SS-Kampfgruppe "Nord"
SS-Division "Nord" (mot)
SS-Gebirgs-Division "Nord"
Formed in February 1941 in Norway as "SS-Kampfgruppe Nord" by "Stab des Befehlshaber der Waffen-SS in Norwegen".

From September 1941 the unit was officially designated "SS-Division Nord".

In January it was converted to a "SS-Gebirgs-Division", and new units began forming in Germany for the division. These arrived in September 1942, and the division was redesigned "SS-Gebirgs-Division Nord".

In October it got a divisional number, and was finally redesignated "6.SS-Gebirgs-Division Nord"

Sub units:
Stab der Division
SS-Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich"
SS-Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 12 "Michael Gaissmair"
SS-Polizei-Grenadier-Batallion (mot) 506 (formed from the Norwegian Ski Batallion after the arrival in Oslo)
SS-Infanterie-Regiment (mot) 5
SS-Infanterie-Regiment 9 (Removed from the Division in 1943)
SS-Schützen-Abteilung (mot) 6
SS-(Gebirgs-) Panzerjäger-Abteilung 6
SS-Sturmgeschütz-Batterie 6
SS-Gebirgs-Artillerie-Regiment 6
SS-Flak-Abteilung 6
SS-Gebirgs- Nachrichtenabteilung 6 
SS-Gebirgs-Aufklarungsabteilung (mot) 6
SS-Ski-Jäger-Kompanie (later Batallion) "Norwegen" or "Norge" (attatched to Auflärungsabteilung 6)
SS-Gebirgs- Pionier-Abteilung 6
SS-Dina 6
SS-Bekleidungs-Instandsetzungs-Kompanie 6
SS-Sanitäts-Kompanie 6
SS-Veterinär-Kompanie 6 
SS-Kriegsberichter-Zug 6
SS-Feldgendarmerie-Trupp 6
SS- og Politikompani (consisted of Norwegian volunteers. 2nd and 3rd SS,- og Politikompani were attached to AA 6.

A brief summary of 6th SS: (date/corps/designation/place)
6.41 - 7.41 XXXVI Armee Norwegen Finland
8.41 Reserve Armee Norwegen Finland
9.41 XXXVI Armee Norwegen Finland
10.41 - 1.42 III. finnische Korps Armee Norwegen Finland
2.42 - 6.42 III. finnische Korps Armee Lappland Finland
7.42 III. finnische Korps 20. Geb. Armee Finland
8.42 - 7.44 XVIII 20. Geb. Armee Northern 
8.44 - 11.44 XVIII 20. Geb. Armee Northern 
Finland, Norway
12.44 Reserve 20. Geb. Armee Norway
1.45 - 2.45 LXXXX 1. Armee (G) Landau / 
3.45 LXXXII 1. Armee  (G) Trier, Mosel
4.45 Reserve 7. Armee (G) Rhein

Notably: The whole division was for a time subordinated to the 3rd Finnish Army Corps, led by Gen. Siilasvuori, and it is the only time that an SS Division was commanded by a foreign Officer.

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