By Bjørn Jervås
Name, unit, reason for award, date.
1.  Uscha. Inge Martin Bakken, in 5./”Westland” after Cherkassy 
2.  Ustuf. Johan Petter Balstad, as platoon commander in 7./”Norge”. 
3.  Ustuf. Kåre Brynestad, as O.O. in II./”Norge” after battle of Westsack
4.  Hstuf. Per Børresen, as doctor in I./”Norge” 2. february, 1944. 
5.  Ostuf. R.N. Børresen, as adjutant in II./”SS-Panzer Artillerie Regiment 11”. 
6.  Uscha. Alf Fjeld, in Rgt. ”Germania” after Cherkassy. 
7.  Uscha. Fritjof Hegg, in ”SS-Panzer Regiment 5”. 
8.  Stubaf. Egil Hoel, in staff belonging to  ” III.(germ.) SS-Panzerkorps“. 
9.  Ostuf. Sophus Kahrs, as commander of 1./SS-Skijegerbataljon ”Norge” in July 1944.
10.  Uscha. Nils Lande, squadleader in 2./DnL 1942. 
11.  Uscha. Sverre E. H. Larsen, in Regiment ”Nordland” (called ” ”Nahkampf”-Larsen”)
Sverre Larsen
12.  Stubaf. Jonas Lie, as temporaily commander of  DnL in 1942 
13.  Uscha. Per Meidell, in 14.(Pak)/DnL 1943. 
14. Ustuf. Gösta Myhrvold, in 9./”Norge” 22. February, 1944. 
15. Rttf. Arne Nilsen, in I./”Nordland”. 
16. Hscha. Arne W. Nilsen, in 1./DnL 1943 
17. Rttf. Per Ramberg, in 10./”Norge” , oktober 1944. 
18. Uscha. Paul Sæther, in „SS-Flak Abteilung 5“,1944. 
19. Uscha. Willy Schakesby, with Reg. “Norge” in 1944. 
20. Ustuf. Jan Schneider, in 1./”Hermann von Salza” in 1944 
21. Ustuf. Axel Steen, posthumt, as commander of 3./SS-Skijegerbataljon ”Norge”, summer 1944 
22. Ustuf. Bjarne Sveen, in 12./”Norge”, 1944 
23. Ostuf. Harald Normann Sødahl, As commander in 6./”Norge” in March 1944. 
24. Rttf. Lage Søgaard, in Pak-Platoon, 12./”Norge”, February 26,1945. 
25. Rttf. Hermod Tuft, in 4./”Westland”. 
26. Uscha. Olav Thunestveit, posthumt, in „KG Scheibe“ February 1945 
27. Rttf. Helge Tollefsen, in 8./”Germania” at Cherkassy. 
28. Stubaf. Arthur Quist, As commander of DnL, 1942 
29. Hstuf. Frode Halle, Time of award unknown.
30. SS-Ustuf Fredrik Jensen, in July 1943, as platoon commander / 7.Company, Div Wiking, after the battle at Andrejevka / Ukraine.
31. SS-Rttf Baardseth, Knut /Rgt Norge / Pommern*
32. SS-Oscha Kalvø, Elias /W Rgt Norge*
33. SS-Ustuf Kjølner, Per  /Hermann v. Salza /30/07-44?*
34. SS-Ustuf Lofthus, Torgeir /Rgt Norge*
35. SS-Stubaf Lærum, Erik Schive /Rgt Danmark  Norwegian born, Danish citizen*
36. SS-Uscha Steen, Inge  /Hermann v. Salza 1944*
37. SS-Ustuf Thoresen, Felix /Rgt Norge  /Hungary?*
38. SS-Rttf Tuff, Olav  /Rgt Nordland*
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