Treasure hunting inside the 
11. Ubootflotillas U-boat camp
by Kurt Monsen
In 1997, I built a new house inside what used to be the U-boat camp to the 11. Ubootflotilla. 
The U-boat camp "U-stutzpunktlager Prien" was housing soldiers and officers from the U-boats in the uboatbunker, just 7-800 meters away. The place for building the U-boat camp was a perfect choice, as it is situated between two mountains, and almost impossible to attack from the air. Several anti-aircraft guns was placed near the barracks, making them an even more difficult target.
The camp had officers barracks, NCO barracks, a small hospital and other typical buildings like depot and sports hall. There was also a place for award ceremonies, which today is used as a round(!) football field for local kids. British officers and their families was living in the barracks just after the war, and soon after, the area became demilitarized. 
Many of the buildings is still there, but some where demolished after the war. This is where my story begins...
Part of the uboatcamp.
Site 1) Hospital, and where my house is situated today.
Site 2) This is where the heap of soil and rubble is today.
Site 3) The award ceremony place.
All the barracks on this picture has been demolished..
Picture: www.nuav.net
After I moved into my house, I found live ammo in my backyard. First I found 7.92 mm rifle rounds still in their clips. I started to look for more, and I also found 9 mm rounds, a bayonet, hand grenade and even a dog tag from a POW! I found so much ammunition that I had to call the Police for assistance, and they carried away two large plastic bags with different kind of ammunition and the hand grenade! I had to buy a metal detector to try to find it all. I took care of all other items I found, and thought it was exciting to have proof on german elite soldiers presence in my own backyard!
A list of items:
1) Razor, found at site 2.
2 & 3)Live rifle bullets found at site 1.
4) Beer bottle lid, Hansa, found at site 2.
5) Buttons, plastic. One pebbled uniform and one regular. Found at site 2.
6) Dog tag, POW. Marked "Nr.9717/346". site 1.
7) Empty rifle and pistol shells site 2. Live 9mm shells. site 1.
8)Shoe heel, metal.. Site 1.
Three years later, in May 2002, I was walking by a nearby construction site, where 10 new houses was erected. Beside the buildings was a giant heap of soil and rubble awaiting to be filled in trucks and dumped somewhere else. My (by now) trained eye noticed that the heap was full of broken porcelain, and my first find was a porcelain dolls head with beautiful colors. Seconds after, I found broken porcelain pieces with eagle and swastikas. I started to dig more, and found used rifle and pistol rounds, and a complete saucer and a big porcelain cup, both with clear swastikas and eagle. Oboy, this was exciting! Inside the saucer was an creamy, white substance, and a complete razor! The soldiers cleaning out the barracks did not care to sort things out before it went out the windows. I know that it was common to dig a ditch outside each barrack and throw in whatever they found inside. 
Porcelain from site 2::
1)Big mug with green Heer eagle, Bavaria and swastika, dated 1943.
2)Part of a small plate, Luftwaffe eagle, fl.uv Bauscher-Weiden, dated 1942.
3)Part of a coffee cup, partly swastika and "M" for krigsmarine, dated 1941.
4) Part of a coffee cup, Jaeger- Eisenberg Th. Eagle with swastika.
5) Part of a coffee cup Heer eagle, Bavaria.
6) A porcelains dolls head.
7) Unidentified porcelain jar with lid.
In the 50's they found heaps of small bottles with morphine where the hospital was situated (And where I live today), and the rumor is that there is a field of helmets being dugged down nearby. Usually, they lined up helmets, three on top of each other, six in a row in almost endless lines, and dug them down.... Imagine the excitement it must have been to recover such a helmet paradise!
More items from the dirt:
1) Big Porcelain saucer, with big eagle and swastika, Bavaria, dated 1943. Found at site 2.
2) Bayonet. German with bakelite handle. Broken in two. Found at site 1.
            With all these items in my hand, I cannot help thinking what stories they could tell me. Who did the porcelain doll belong to? Was it a gift from a daughter to his father who was stationed way north? Why was there army, luftwaffe and navy porcelain, all at one place?
Who drank of the cups, and who's razor was it? He did not have the time taking it out of the saucer full of shaving cream.

The porcelain dolls head and Luftwaffe plate.
In the future, I will keep a close eye on the nearby officers barrack, it is no doubt that they cleared out that house in the same manners as the others. Who knows what could be found...a toothbrush or perhaps a knights cross ;-) ?

Kurt Monsen

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