A soldiers life through a soldbuch
This soldbuch was recently found in Moscow. It belonged to a Norwegian volunter in the waffen-ss. This is the story the book reveals of it's original owner..
Note that some of the pages has been left out because they contained no information. @@ means that the letters where unreadable.
Frontpage: SS runes, "Soldbuch zugleich
1.page: Personal Info. Grade:
SS- Schutze. Number 263.
Promoted to Sturmmann 1941, SS-Untersch.fuhrer 1942 and SS-Untersturmfuhrer 1943. Name: Sverre Linde.
Dogtag: 4/E. Freiw. Leg. Norwegen 114. Boodtype: A
Stamp: Germanischer Freiwilliger (nicht deutscher wehruberwachung)
Page 2: Date of birth: 12.12.1918. Occupation: Soldier. Information about height, haircolor, etc. Signature and stamp of the first unit Sverre was involved in (4.SS-Inf. -Ers.-Btl. "Westland") 1.Dec. 41
Page 3: Transfer to other units and promotion.
The first two promotion mentioned in page one was during Sverre's time in "Westland" The last promotion came in "Bad Toeltz"

Page 4: Army reserve station: SS-erg.stelle "Nord" Oslo.
Active duty units: Freiw. Legion Norwegen. FP 45086E.Reserve unit: 4./SS-inf. -Ers. -Btl. "Westland" Klagenfurt, SS-Ers.Btl.Freiw. Legion Norwegen, Hotmesok(?) v. Oslo, Ers. kp. Mitau (Lettland) and SS-Junker@@@ @@
Page 5: Adress of immediate family. His father and mothers name, occupation
and adress. (His father was officer!)
Page 20 and 21: Describing his stay at field hospitals:
Kriegslazarett 1/509, 30.05.42 "Gilbsucht" Dienstelle 15 389. Kriegslazarett 1/509, 08.01.43 "Akuter @@@@" Dienstelle 15 389.
Page 23: Finance records. Stamped 23.feb.1943 at Bad Toeltz. V Inspektion SS-Junkerschule Toeltz. Signed by SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer u. Inspektionsfuhrer "Hancke"
Page 26: Paymaster entries. Stamps from Westland and Toeltz.
Page 28 and 29: More detailed paymaster entries from the different units Sverre served in. Among many stamps the most usual are: Quarteiramt Riga, SS-Junkerschule Toeltz, SS-Ersatskommando Norwegen and Wehrs1/509. All signed by Unterscharfuhrer's.
Page 31: Leaves over 5 days.
Two stamps from FP 47703 E and the last two leaves from Bad Toeltz. All stamps are also confirmed by signature and reasonns for giving Sverre leaves: "Heimatlaub", "@enesungsurlaub", etc.
This soldbuch is a part of Hans Wikke collection. 
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Short about soldbuchs:
The soldbuch was the soldiers paybook and also an ID book, with a personal file of the soldier with confirming stamps and signatures. It is usual to find soldbuch both with and without ID-photos.
It is very, very hard to find soldbuchs belonging to volunters in the Waffen-SS, as these usually where destroyed by their owners at the end of the war.
This particular soldbuch is in bad condition, the reason for this might be that the owner had to wear the soldbuch in his breastpocket all the time -even in battle. 
After doing some research, I found that Marc Rikmenspoel* had a lot of information about Sverre: 
        "Linde was born on December 12, 1918 (as his soldbuch probably states) and served as a Lieutenant in the Norwegian Army, becoming the adjutant of III. Battalion of Infantry Regiment 11. With this unit he fought the Germans in 1940. Linde became an Uscha. with DNL (he had only graduated from Norwegian officer's school in early 1940, and so was a very junior officer), then attended the 1. LfGO. After this, he was assigned to Regiment Norge.   He was not a happy man, and drank quite a bit. While on home leave in Norway, he visited the riding school of the GSSN. While drunk, he and a comrade shot target practice with their pistols at a photo of Hitler. They were caught, and Linde was assigned to a punishment battalion. He later rejoined Reg. Norge, and was with the 7. Kompanie near Priekuln in Kurland on January 8, 1945 when the positions were overrun and he went into Soviet captivity. Linde returned to Norway in the autumn of 1946, and died years later."
The information provided from Rikmenspoel does not include his service at "Westland" and "Ers. kp. Mitau (Lettland)" The latter could be the punishment batallion. Sverre did not receive any awards, most likely because he had "Shot Hitler"
Sverre was lucky and survived the war and russian prisoncamp. Strangely enough, his soldbuch did too, but that did not return to Norway before year 2000, after 55 years as prisoner of war....
New information has been available about the Soldbuchs owner, Sverre Linde:
It is now confirmed that Linde and another soldier from his unit deserted to the Russians, supposedly because the other soldier had relatives in Moscow (Norwegian diplomats, on the allied side). This makes this Soldbuch even more interesting, and explaine Linde's release already in 1946.

*Marc Rikmenspoel is an author and a well known expert in Waffen-SS.

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