As I live in Bergen, it feels natural to give this town its own chapter here in "Norway during WW2". The evidence on the German occupation emerge everywhere here in Bergen. Not only by bunkers and barracks, but small items, like the ones I found in my own backyard:
9 mm bullets, 7.62 mm rifle bullets, POW dog tag with number 9717/346 punched in.
Other things that did not fit in my scanner: bayonet, hand grenade and leather pouches to the 7.62 mm rifle bullets.
I had to buy a metal detector to try to find it all, to avoid any accident in the future when digging in the garden!
I found some big metal objects deep in the ground, but I have not been able to dig so deep yet, so I will just have to wait till the spring.

In the years 1940-45 there was a lot of action in, and around Bergen, most of them ending in tragedy. I will try to give you all a brief tour through these years, and how these tragic years inflicted the people of this town.
    As you all should know by now (Read chapter about Operation Weserubung), Bergen was invaded by the Germans early morning 9. april 1940.
Perhaps the Norwegians should have taken the pre warnings more seriously:
*The activity of unidentified air crafts was increasing during march, two unidentified aircraft where actually fired upon from the Norwegian AA guns the 17.march.
*In Sola (Major airport in western Norway, near Stavanger.) a German aircraft had to make a forced landing, the crew behaved strange and set the plane on fire. This happened the 4.april.
*The same day it was reported from civilians at Algrøy that they heard cannonade from the North sea.
*In the harbor of Bergen there were suddenly many foreign ships (About 60), however only one of these where German.


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