January 13. January The Jørstad Bridge is blown up by men from ”Kompani Linge”. 70 Germans are killed.
29. January The last meeting between Quisling and Hitler.
February 8. February Generalmajor Karl Marthinsen, the head of the State Police is assassinated in his car at Blindernveien, Oslo by the resistance movement, Milorg. Henrik Rogstad succeeds him 8.2 The Germans execute 29 Norwegians.
6.-11.February Hammerfest is totally destroyed by the Germans.
19. February Fredrik Prytz died from cancer in his estate in Fosen, Trondhjem on the 19th February 1945, and received, as the only Norwegian during the war, the high ranking ”Storkorset av St. Olav” order on his deathbed. Prytz was a founding member of NS, and Quislings closest friend ever.
March 12.March "The white buses" drives into Germany.
April Recruiting for a new “SS og Politikompani”, the 4th led by Oscar Rustand, is taking place. It never becomes operational.
30.April Hitler commits suicide. Norwegian forces seize Finnmark.
May 5.May At 0800 the Germans officially capitulate in Northwest Germany, Holland and Denmark.
The German High Command signs the capitulation agreement in Reims, France at 0241.
At 1550 the Norwegian radio broadcasts the news of the Germans surrendering.
Admiral Dönitz gives an order that state that Terboven no longer is in charge in Norway.
At 2110 the military commander in Norway, Gen. Böhme (1894-1947) is ordered to surrender with all his troops. At 2200 he gives a speech on radio, where he agrees.
”Milorg”, the Norwegian resistance movement, is mobilised.
At 1630 the allied military commission arrives in Oslo, and they meet with Gen. Böhme in is headquarters in Lillehammer.
At 2330 Terboven commits suicide at Skaugum. The SS commander Rediess had shot himself hours earlier.
9.May At 0000 the German capitulation is officially declared. This is the first time that the Germans surrender with all forces still intact. The number of Germans in Norway is about 375 000.
At 0700 Quisling and most of his Ministers turn themselves in at the main police station in Oslo after ordering the “Førergarde” to remain calm. This bodyguard is company sized, and consists of a mixture of members from “SS-Polizei -Battaillon 506” and Hirdmen.
Sverre Riisnæs, Jonas Lie and Henrik Rogstad are at Skallum close to Oslo, and the two latter commit suicide after having negotiated with Milorg.
9-11th May Most of the numerous Norwegian Police troop units move into Norwegian territory from Sweden.
13.May Crown Prince Olav, some members of the Government, and the head of the allied mission, Gen. Sir Andrew Thorne arrive in Oslo. King Haakon 7 arrives in Oslo on the 7th June.
14.May The resistance movement (Milorg) is officially disbanding their units.
In May 1945, the US 99th Battalion finally arrives in Norway.
June 7.June King Haakon VII is returning to Norway, on his 5-year day of leaving the country.
July 6.July Norway declares war on Japan. More than 800 Norwegians are in Japanese POW camps, and many die.
September 10.September Vidkun Quisling is sentenced to death, and is executed on the 24th October. 30 Norwegians and 15 Germans get death sentences, 25 Norwegians and 12 Germans are actually executed.
The Traitor Trials are busy investigating more than 90 000 Norwegians, and about 50 000 receive sentences for either being a NS member, co-operating with German secret service or having served as a “Frontfighter”.
25.September The last Russian soldier leaves Norwegian territory at 2055 at Storskog.

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