Lie, Jonas (1899-1945)

Born in 1899, Lie was a professional Police officer, fanatically anti-Communist, and quite a personality. He was popular amongst the Germans, but never within his own Party. He had been member of Nasjonal Samling (NS) in the 30´s, but left the party in 1935. He probably rejoined in 1940.
He reorganised the Norwegian Police Forces in 1940-41, and served at the Front on two occasions, the first as war correspondent with “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”, the last serving at the Leningrad front with ”Den Norske Legion”.
He became the leader of ”Germanske SS Norge”.
Lie was awarded the Iron cross 1.class for his participartion in the battle at Leningrad.
He died from natural causes (could have been suicide) on the very same day Norway got liberated.
Født i 1899. Lie var Politioffiser, fanatisk anti-kommunist og gjorde seg bemerket hvorenn han befant seg. Han var populær i tyske kretser, men aldri i sitt eget parti. Han hadde vært medlem i NS på 30 tallet, men meldte seg ut i 1935. Han meldte seg sannsynligvis inn i partiet igjen i 1940. Lie reorganiserte den norske politistyrken i perioden 1940-41, og var ved to anledninger i fronttjeneste. Første gang som krigsreporter i LAH, "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler". Andre gang var som offiser i "Den Norske Legion" som kjempet ved Leningrad.
Han ble leder av "Germanske SS Norge".
Lie fikk Jernkorset 1.klasse for sin innsats ved Leningrad.
Han døde av naturlige årsaker (Kan også ha vært selvmord, dette er uklart.) på samme dagen som Norge ble frigjort.
Lindvig, Olaf Trygve (1917-2007 )
Lindvig was born in Narvik 9th September 1917. He was educated as officer in 1934-38, and served as officer (”fenrik”) during the German attack on Norway, in Infantry Regiment 5 both as platoon commander and battalion adjoint.
Lindvig, who joined NS in September 1940 later joins ”Waffen SS” as volunteer, and serves as company commander in both ”Den Norske Legion” (1st Company) and ”Regiment Norge” / ”Division Nordland”, also 1st Company. Lindvig also periodically acted as chief for ”Germanske SS Norge”. He was finally promoted to ”SS Hauptsturmführer” (Captain), and was seriously wounded in battle five times. Lindvig was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in 1945, and spent his remaining years at Fåvang. 
Lunde, Gulbrand
Born in 1901, dr. philos., Director of the Conserve Industry´s laboratory in Stavanger. Minister of Culture and Propaganda leader in NS from the 25th September 1940 until a car accident killed him and his wife on the 25th October 1942.
Lunde was a clever and popular politician, and one of the main characters in ”Nasjonal Samling”.
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