Bey,  Erich (23.03.98-26.12.43)
Was commander of the 4th Destroyer Flotilla at Narvik in 1940, he took over command of all destroyers there from Kommodore Bonte when the latter was killed in action on 10.04.40 . Bey was appointed ‘Führer der Zerstörer’ on 10.05.40 and was to hold this post until his death onboard the battlecruiser Scharnhorst whilst at the same time acting as taskforce commander with the rank of Konteradmiral. He had joined the navy on 03.01.16 and was a ‘Destroyer man’ for most of his career, he was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 09.05.40 for his part in the battle of Narvik.

Bjoner, Olga (1887-1969)

Bjoner was propaganda leader for the NS Womans Organisation (NSK) from December 1940 to August 1941 when she was ecected leader. Olga Bjoner was author for the NS magazine “Heim og Ætt”, and leader for “Kvinnehirden”.
She was sentenced to 6 years prison in 1948, and released a book: “Dette har hendt” in 1955.

 Blehr, Eivind (1881-1957)

Eivind Stenersen Blehr, a pre war NS member, was born in 1881, and was a highly educated and experienced law professor. Blehr was Norway’s representative when the Geneva Conventions were written, He had however, to resign from the Government on the 12th June 1944 because of a very bad relationship with the Germans. Blehr was found guilty during the post war trials, and got a sentence of 20 years hard labour. He died in 1957.

Boehm, Hermann (1884-1972)

Generaladmiral Boehm was commander of the entire Kriegsmarine in Norway. When Raeder had to leave his position, Boehm also had to leave, this was in February 1943. He was succeeded by admiral Otto Ciliax (1891-1964)

Bonte, Friedrich  (19.10.96-10.04.40)

Was commander of the German naval forces at Narvik on 09.04.40, at the same time he was ‘Führer der Zerstörer’, a post he had held from 26.10.39. Bonte was killed in action against British destroyers whilst onboard the destroyer Wilhelm Heidkamp, he was replaced by Erich Bey . Bonte joined the navy on 01.04.14 and served at sea throughout the majority of WWI, he rose to the rank of Kommodore to which he was promoted on 01.11.39. He was posthumously awarded the Ritterkreuz on 17.10.40. for his actions at Narvik.

Böhme, Franz Friedrich (1894-1947)

Böhme was “General der Gebirgstruppen”, and was appointed Commander of the “Wehrmacht” in Norway on the 18th January 1945, succeeding Generaloberst Lothar Rendulic.
Böhme, who was an Austrian, had served in the Austrian army, and participated in the campaigns against Poland and France. He became German high commander in Serbia in 1941, and is regarded as responsible for the massacre at Kragujevac in October 1941, among other atrocities.
He served for a period with the “20th Gebirgsarmee” in Finland, but was ordered to the Balkans again. Soon after, Böhme survived an airplane crash, and was heavily injured. After his recover, he came to Norway.
He committed suicide in 1947, while being imprisoned in Nürnberg, by jumping from the 4th floor in the prison.
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