Ravner, Øystein

Ravner was born in 1893, and was a Sales Manager of ”Norsk Hydro”. He served as a Minister of Supplies from the 25th September 1940 to the 1st February 1942, but was never a member of ”Nasjonal Samling”. He was found innocent during the Traitor Trials. 
Rinnan, Henry Oliver (1915-1947)
Rinnan was a Norwegian Gestapo agent, and led “Sonderabteilung Lola” in Trondhjem and Nordland. His unit led to the assests and executions of many Norwegian resistance members. Rinnans group consisted of about 60 members, and specialized themselves withi torture and infiltration.
Rinnan was executed on the 1st February 1947, and 11 members of his group recieved the same sentence.

Rendulic, Lothar (1887-1971)

Rendulic, who was of Croatian heritage, served in the Austrian-Hungarian army during WW 1. Later he held several high positions in the Austrian army. He joined the Austrian nazi party in 1932.
In 1938 Rendulic was appointed generalmajor, and served at various fronts: Poland, France, Russia and the Balkans. In June 1944 he was appointed commander of “20. Gebirgsarmee”, now with the rank of generaloberst. He led the retreating German force, and was commanding the entire Wehrmacht in Norway for a short time. Rendulic fought the Russians in Austria at the end of the war, and was finally to receive a 20 years imprisonment sentence during the Nürnberg trials. He was however released after three years, and wrote the book “Gekämpft- Gesiegt-Geschlagen” in 1952.

 Riisnæs, Sverre (1897-1988)

Sverre Parelius Riisnæs was born in 1897, and was a State Attorney of profession. He had been a member of NS since July 1940, and was a volunteer war correspondent with German SS forces in Yugoslavia for a period.
Riisnæs did show signs of being in mental unbalance during the whole war, but served as a Minister of Justice from the 25th September 1940 to the end of the war. He was a member of ”Germanske SS Norge”, and Terboven even had plans of making him the leader of GSSN.
Riisnæs was found to be insane during the post-war trials, and spent most of the 60´s in a mental institution. However, he did recover, and spent his last years in Norway, Italy and Austria. He died in 1988.
Roth, Ernst-August  (1898 – 1975)
Became the last Komandandierende General der Luftwaffe in Norwegen on 10.10.44 as a Generalmajor, being promoted Generalleutnant on 01.01.45, a post which he held until entering British captivity on 09.06.45. Roth entered the German Navy on 03.01.16 as an officer and was involved in naval aviation from the start, transfering to the Luftwaffe on 03.01.34 but remaining involved in naval aviation until 1940 when he became Lufttransport-Chef for X fliegerkorps for the invasion of Norway. Later on he became Geschwader-Kommodore for KG26 whilst it was stationed in the country and involved in anti-shipping strikes against the Arctic convoys sailing to and from Murmansk and Archangel. On 11.02.43 he became Fliegerführer Lofoten at Bardufoss  before the post was renamed Fliegerführer 5 on 19.04.44 and moved to Trondheim. On 19.08.44 Roth left this post and returned to Germany before being recalled to Norway to take on the Komandandierende General der Luftwaffe in Norwegen post on 10.10.44. Roth was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 06.11.43 whilst acting as Fliegerführer Lofoten.

Ruge, Otto (1882-1961)

General Ruge was chief of the General staff 1933-38, Infantry Inspector (1938)and got appointed as “Kommanderende general” on the 11th April 1940. (Commander of the Norwegian armed forces)
Ruge spent the years 1940-45 in German captivity, but was again appointed “Forsvarssjef” (Commander of the Norwegian armed forces) on the 15 July 1945. He left this position on the 1st January 1945 after serious disagreements with the Minister of Defence. After this, Otto Ruge actually joined the Home Defence Forces (Heimevernet) as lance corporal for a period. General Otto Ruge was awarded "Storkorset med Kjede" for his service to the nation during WWII. The highest decoration of St. Olav normally reserved for foreign heads of state.
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