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My name is Kurt Monsen and I am the founder of Nuav. I am responsible for the design and layout, and also keeping the site in shape. I started with Nuav just as a small project to see if it was difficult to work with a website. The interest for the subject lead to an almost explosive expansion, and several good helpers joined in from the early start. 
        As a designer, I felt I could add a little extra that usually is missing on other world war 2 sites. By making Nuav an easy and interesting place to visit, I feel that I am the missing link between those who knows nothing about WW2 and the experts in the field.

About me:
I was born in Bergen 1. August 1970 and grew up in a small suburb of Bergen (now a part of Bergen) called Laksevåg. This place was heavily involved in WW2 as both the u-boatbunker, the infrastructure that surrounds it and the big fort "Kvarven" is situated here, hence a lot of bombing from the allied forces where inevitably. My military experience is limited to three months of recruit school at Værnes outside Trondheim, and 9 months at Bodø Hovedflystasjon. A total of 12 months, a rarety these days. I was a corporal in the air force. (No, I was not a pilot!)
I have studied art and advertising and have worked some years as a designer for Coca-Cola, Jotun, Pripps, Freia/Marabou to name a few.
I still live in Laksevåg, and has built my house inside the old u-boat camp "U-bootlager Prien". An old barrack was once situated where my house is constructed. I have found live 9mm bullets, mauser bullets, bayonet, handgrenade(!) and a POW dogtag in my backyard, so you can say I live on historical ground!

My interest are among many things; military history, collecting militaria, astronomy, archeology, photography, painting, art, design, scale modeling, Russian Ikons, and working with my (sometimes unstable) computer.

Kurt Monsen

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