February 27.February British commando raid against the heavy water Hydro plant at Vemork.
March In late March, DNL was disbanded, but the bad experiences in the co-operation with the Germans, caused severe problems with the recruiting of Norwegian volunteers later, in fact for the rest of the war. Most survivors, who wanted to continue fighting, joined “23. SS-PzGren-Rgt “Norge” (Norw.Frwg.1)
May May 14-15th
”SS-dagen” (The SS day) is celebrated in Oslo. On the next day, GSSN, the Police, the National Hird and Quislings bodyguard ”Førergarden” is integrated into the Norwegian armed forces.
SS-Skijegerkompani Norge, which is attached to 6.SS-Gebirgsdivision ”Nord”, is renamed ”SS-Skijegerbataljon-Norge”. Frode Halle is battalion commander, when Gust Jonassen is killed in a German minefield.
20.Himmler awarded Jonas Lie the SS-Totenkopfring.
July 1. July The first Norwegian police units in Sweden are beeing trained.
August 15. August The Swedes forbid all German traffic and transport over it's territory.
16. August Norwegian Police men and Army officers are arrested.
December 26. December The German Battleship "Scharnhorst" is sunk northwest of Nordkapp.

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