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police units in Sweden
Norwegian resistance
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Sjøgestad Helseforleggning, july or august 1943. This cheerful crowd of Norwegians was soon to start and participate in the police units.
The Norwegian king's birthday was celebrated with many activities, and this gateway was made to the occasion. The sign reads "Alt for Norge" or All for Norway, and have the V for Victory with King Haakon VII sign above.
Two heavily armed Norwegians.They both carry rifles and ammunition pouches, in addition to this, they seem to carry Suomi m/1931 machineguns, the guy on the right has also a pistol. None of them have hand grenades, or helmets though.
This does not look like regular police units! Here are some Norwegians with a small mortar.
More action shots. This Norwegian soldier is also armed with the Finnish Suomi m/1931. 
The Suomi was a 9 mm machinegun, and had a firing rate at 900 rounds/min. In comparison, the German Mp 40 had 500r/min. 
It was a very solid constructed weapon, with high accuracy due to its long barrel.

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