Haaland, Reidar (1919-1945)

The NS member, policeman and Frontfighter Reidar Haaland was the first Norwegian to recieve death sentence, this was on the 9th August 1945.
 Hagelin, Albert Viljam (1882-1946)
Born in Bergen in 1882, he was an educated opera singer, but worked most of his life as a businessman in Dresden, Germany. He had very good contacts within the NSDAP, which led many to literately regard him as a German spy. Actually, only a few within NS had ever heard of Hagelin before he was appointed second leader in “Nasjonal Samling”.
It is said, that several people mourned Quisling and Skancke when they got executed, but no one mourned Hagelin. He was removed from the Government on the 8th November 1944. Hagelin was sentenced to death during the post war trials, and was executed in 1946.
von Hirsch, Per 
Per Einarsøn von Hirsch was born in 1902, and was educated both as a Lawyer and a Captain in the Army. Von Hirsch joined the NS Government after the death of Prytz on the 19th February 1945, but actually never participated on any meetings. He got a sentence of 20 years Hard Labour during the post-war trials. 
Hustad, Tormod
Tormod Hustad
Hustad was born in 1889, and was an architect. He was removed from the Government on the 1st February 1944 after German pressure. He was a pre-war member of NS, and got a sentence of 20 years hard labour.
 Hjort, Johan Bernhard (1895-1969)
Hjort was born in Bergen, and a lawyer of profession. Hjortt was one of the founders of NS, “NS Fylkesfører” for Akershus, and leader of the Hird from 1934. 
Hjort left NS in 1937, and worked against Quisling from then on. He was arrested by the Germans in October 1941, and he was finally, together with his family, interned in Gross Kreutz, Prussia, from October 1942.
 Hvoslef, Ragnvald
Hvoslef was a Major of profession, and one of Quislings oldest friends. He was listed as NS.member number “004”. Hvoslef was the leader of the pre-war ”White Garde´s” (Samfundsvernet), and served as Policechief in South-Varanger, Finnmark for a period during the war. He died in 1944. 
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