In Norway 1940-45
These pictures were taken by a Luftwaffe ground crew,
he served at Fornebu, Kjevik, Værnes and Bardufoss.
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This He-111 has lost both engines, and will probably loose more when these cheerful guys are finished dismounting useful parts.
Another He-111. This pictures give a clear impression of the dimensions of these planes.
A close-up of a Ju-52.
Many planes urgently needed repairs after landing on Fornebu. Many pilots did not manage to move their airplanes quickly enough after landing, making the runway a very unsafe place to land.
This Ju-52 has tipped over on its nose, and crushed the engine back into the cockpit. The pilots must have been lucky if they survived this!
An interesting picture from a Ju-52, with it's engine cowling in an open position.

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