In Norway 1940-45
These pictures were taken by a Luftwaffe ground crew,
he served at Fornebu, Kjevik, Værnes and Bardufoss.
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Wrecks of Ju-52's after an allied bomb raid on Fornebu.
A rare shot of two British  POW airmen at Fornebu.
One seems to be the navigator and the other the pilot. These two men were probably from 102nd sqdn, attacking Fornebu the 29th April 1940. They were shot down, and one crewmember was killed. I can provide the names of the surviving members of the crew to those who want to do reasearch on this. (Thanks to Rob Davis)
Moving north to Trondheim, a couple of Arado Ar 196's have landed on the shore. These belonged to the Seefliegerhorst Drontheim.
The quality of the image is not the best, but it gives an impression on the situation in Trondheim. In the background there are 3 more seaplanes, probably Heinkel He-115's.
This Heinkel He 59 was also stationed in Seefliegerhorst Drontheim.
An interesting shot of a catapult boat ("Bussard") in the fjords of Trondheim.  It had two Blohm und Voss BV 138C-1 onboard. These had the recognition markings K6+FK and K6+CK and came from 2./Kustenfliegergruppe 406.

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