In Norway 1940-45
These pictures were taken by a Luftwaffe ground crew member,
he served at Fornebu, Kjevik, Værnes and Bardufoss.
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Fornebu, April 1940.
Several planes have already landed.
In the far background, you can see a Ju-52, a Fieschler Storch Fi 156, a Messerschmitt Bf 108.
In front, the tail of a Norwegian Ju-52 and the nose to a He-111 is visible.
A different view of the Norwegian Ju-52.
This one belonged to  DNL, and was captured intact.
A Heinkel He-111 has ended up on it's nose on the runway at Fornebu.
An unusual shot, because the man in the foreground is a kriegsberichter, and took a picture witch appear in many Norwegian ww2 books today.
The berichter has left, and now the total damage is visible. The tale is broken off, and the cockpit has been totally destroyed. I do not know if anyone was killed in this accident.
The number on the plane is 5J+HP
Another He-111. This was one of the lucky ones, with only a minor engine failure.
A ground crew member poses proudly to the camera.

Many thanks to Ørjan Bergflot for valuable assistance!
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