Operation Weserubung
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Another small city is quietly taken by the Germans. No civilians is present, so I believe this to be very early in the morning. I wonder if a sudden attack should occur, would every soldier get his own rifle?
A small panzer unit has joined the infantry, giving them a lift through the rough Norwegian terrain. 
The little boy is so curious that he nearly stands in the way for the invasion.
The panzer unit consisted of (At least) a Pz Ia, Pz II cA, two pak 37 antitank guns and several trucks.
Suddenly hell breaks loose, and the soldiers try to hide behind the panzers. Note the soldier in the background has covered his helmet with a white cloth as camouflage.
All the soldiers has now taken cover in a ditch. Something has caught fire beside the building, and the soldiers hide themselves behind the smokescreen.

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