Operation Weserubung
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A well known propaganda photo found in one of my albums. The soldier who had this picture in his album, has put an "X" on his head.(The man right beside the mg-34) The panzer I and II clears the way for the infantry.
Finally the defenders decide to surrender to their strong enemy. 
The Germans are not sure if they got every Norwegian out of the woods. 
The Norwegians had old-fashioned uniforms and often neglect the use of helmets. (It was often missing in the equipment handed out to the soldier.)
The Norwegian officers has surrendered to the Germans, one of them still got 
his map case along, probably revealing other Norwegian units in the area.
An interesting shot of a Norwegian officer having a good time after his surrender.(Number 2 from the left) The officers probably told each other a funny joke.
The lower ranks of the Norwegian army was relived from their weapons, and sent home.

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