Operation Weserubung
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Preparing for operation Weserubung somewhere in the northern part of Germany. As usual the soldiers have placed their rifles in a "tent" position. In the lower left corner you can se two MG-34.
Ready for take-off. In this picture there are at least 3 Ju-52 and two He-111 ready to carry soldiers and their equipment to Norway. 
The orders to the He-111 was armed reconnaissance with further orders to go into battle if necessary.
Fornebu, near Oslo. Not all the planes has arrived yet, but several of Ju-52 have already managed to land. Amongst the German invaders are a white Ju-52 from the British Airways, a DC 3 from KLM and a Norwegian Ju-52, also white, from DNL. Later, the runway would be totally filled with Ju-52`s. A total of 197 planes would land here on the 9.april 1940. The first 29 planes transported the II/F.J. Rgt 1, the next 106 planes carried both the I and II/I.R. 324. 
6 planes carried fuel, and the last 56 planes was transporting miscellaneous personnel.
This troop leader looks a bit unsecure on the situation. Lots of places for the enemy to hide and ambush...
Some of the (smart?) soldiers have brought along a bicycle. Note that the leader is wearing an old 1916 model helmet.
Just before line-up in a small village somewhere in the southern parts of Norway. Curious civilians watch the "visitors"

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