Bildberichters II

German infantry and panzer under heavy fire. It could be the same infantry as described under the "Heer" article.
Note all the bicycles, probably captured from the Norwegians. A bicycle was very expensive those days, and in Norway you had to pay nearly 700 kr. or about $ 100 to get one!
Kriegsmarine soldiers in Narvik.
As mentioned before, the lack of uniforms made the Germans wear norwegian uniforms, however, these guys seems to wear the tunic of the german work-suit.
These soldier sneaks around, with white camouflage cloth attached to their helmets.
They are supported by a MG-34.
Note that one soldier has the bayonet fixed in case of close combat!
This picture from the Northern part of Norway, shows a German soldier and a lapp.
It looks very cold!
(It truly is, I have been there!)
German soldiers on patrol far north in Norway.
I am impressed to see how well the German soldier adapted to any situation, from the hot and sandy Africa to the cold snowy areas of  Norway.

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