June 23. June On this evening, celebrated in Norway as the Night of St.Hans, the “Skijegerbataljon Norge” suffered severe losses at the hills of ”Kaprolat” and “Hasselmann” when a Soviet regiment, the 731 Infantry Regiment, attacked these positions, then manned with two companies with about 300 men. The casualties are reported at between 141 – 182 killed or missing. Only a few were to escape, and soldiers from this unit are known to have been in Soviet imprisonment until 1955.
July 1. July Crownprince Olav is pronounced Chief of the Norwegian forces
August 23. August Soviet-Russian bomb attack on Vadsoe.
September 25. September Quisling’s Ministers urge the Germans to end the occupation of Norway.
October 2. October The commander of the German 20th Gebirgsarmee, Generaloberst Lothar Rendulic (1887-1971)
receive orders to initiate operation ”Nordlicht”, the withdrawal to the Lyngen line. The division is to be withdrawn to Germany.
4.October Bombraid against u-boatbunker in Bergen, 194 civilians killed.
7.October The Russian offensive against the German forces starts at the Murmansk front. They are to loose 15 773 men in this operation, 2 122 of them in Norway. The Germans loose about 22 000 men.
18.October SovietRussian forces are crossing the Norwegian border.
28.October Orders are given to evacuate the entire population of Finnmark east of Lyngen, and all houses and installations are to be destroyed. More than 10 000 houses are burnt, and 40-45 000 people are forced southwards. About 25 000 manage to hide, or escape.
Extreme fractions within the NS regime are planning to get rid of the Sami population during the same operation.
November 11. November The first Norwegian unit arrives in Finnmark; it is the “2nd Bergkompani” from “Den norske brigade” in Scotland, Col. Arne Dahl, who commanded Alta Batallion in 1940, is in charge for the military mission.
The company did have some problems in te start, and according to the Military Information’s leader, Kapt. Juve: “The population looked upon us like we were strangers”.
12.November British aircraft finally managed to sink the German heavy battleship "Admiral Tirpitz. They used the heavy bomb called "Tall boy".
27.November The German ship "Rigel" was sunk by the allies with over 2570 drowned/KIA, most of them where prisoners of war.

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