January 12.January The recruiting of Norwegians for 5-SS-Panzerdivision “Wiking” started on the 12/1-41. Most of the 700 Norwegians who are accepted are to serve in regiment “Nordland”.
31. January Regiment ”Nordland” give their oath to SS Reichsführer Himmler in Oslo
February 6 January The Bishops of Norway start the Church struggle against the occupying force.
March 4.March The first British commando raid against Lofoten, North-Norway
April 28. April Socalled "poor litterature" is prohibited, and burned.
May 21. May ”Norges SS” is officially established. Quisling is not very pleased by this unit, which he saw as 100% German-minded.
June 25. June Finland declares war against Soviet.
29. June Den Norske Legion”, hereinafter abbreviated “DNL”, was formed by order of Joseph Terboven.
July 4. July The first recruiting rally of “DNL” is held in Oslo.
31. July Joseph Terboven declares State of Emergency.
August 2. August All radios in Norway are confiscated.
24. Aug- 2.sept British commando raid against Svalbard
November 20. November The Norwegian exile Government in London officially approves ”Milorg”, the largest resistance organisation in Norway.
December 26. December British commando raid against Lofoten.
27. December British commando raid against Vaagsøy and Måløy.

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