Imerslund, Per (1911-1943)

Imerslund was a member of NS, author and journalist. He led a small group of youth as they broke in at Trotskijs home in Hønefoss 1936. After this, Imerslund left NS. He participated in the Spanish Civil war as journalist, and released the novel “Hestene står salet” in ´36. He is often compared to Jack London.
Imerslund, together with Hjort  and several others were in the “Ragnarok”-scene, and were opponents to Quisling and NS, but supporters of “Germanske SS Norge”.
Imerslund volunteered to Waffen SS, and died from his wounds in December 1943.

 Irgens, Kjeld
Kjeld Stub Irgens was born in 1879, and a professional officer in the Merchant Navy. He was a Minister of Naval Affairs from the 25th September 1940 to the 12th June 1944. Irgens joined NS on the same day that he joined the Government. He received a penalty of 15 years hard labour during the Traitor Trials.
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