Geisler, Hans (19.04.91-25.06.66)

Commanded X. Fliegerkorps during the invasion of Norway in 1940, this unit provided the Luftwaffe element of the invasion and thus played a crucial role in the Germans strategy. Generalleutnant Geisler was awarded the Knights Cross for his part in the success of the operation. His Command of X. Fliegerkorps lasted from 05.09.39 to 23.08.42, he retired from active duty on 31.10.42 with the rank of General der Flieger. Geisler had entered the Navy on 01.04.09 and saw service as an air observer in the naval aviation branch for much of WWI; he transferred to the newly formed Luftwaffe on 01.09.33. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 04.05.40 and the Deutsches Kreuz  in Gold on 09.11.42.
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