Fleischer, Carl Gustav (1883-1942)

General Fleischer was commander of 6th Division in North-Norway in 1940, and distinguished himself as an outstanding officer during the battle. He joined the King and the Government when they escaped to England after Norway’s surrender. Fleischer was at first commander of the Norwegian forces in England, but had to leave this position after serious clashes with the Norwegian government. He was appointed commander of the Norwegian forces in Canada and Norwegian military attaché in 1942, and finally as commander of the Norwegian military mission in Washington. Fleischer committed suicide in 1942, deeply disappointed with the Norwegian military policy. 
Fretheim, Thormod
Born in 1886, veterinary of profession, Minister of Agriculture from the 25th September 1940 to the 21st of April 1945. His lack of support for German demands finally caused Quisling to remove him from the Government.
Meidell was a member of NS since the 15th May 1941, and he received a sentence of 20 years hard labour in the post-war traitor trials.
 Fuglesang, Rolf Jørgen (1909-1988)
Fuglesang was born in 1909, and had been a pre-war NS Student Organisation leader. He was also the general secretary of NS, and young, popular and powerful person in the Party. He succeeded Lunde as a leader of the Department of Culture. He received a sentence of lifetime Hard Labour during the post-war trials. He died in 1988.
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