Dietl, Eduard(1890-1944)

Dietl was Austrian of birth, and held the rank of generalmajor in 1939. He was commander of the élite mountaineer formation ”3. Gebirgsjäger-Division”, and he is known for his surprising victory at Narvik. Dietl became member of the NSDAP quite early, and worked as a security officer at their rallies. He later became commander of the German forces in North Finland, and was very popular among his men. He was actually nicknamed ”Büffel”, or ”Buffalo”.
Dietl, being promoted generaloberst in 1942, died in an airplane accident in 1944.
Damsleth, Harald (1906-1971)
Damsleth was the main NS artist in Norway, and he designed many posters and paintings for the NS regime. He was born in Bremen, and had a German mother. Damsleth was aslo a “Kriegsberichter” in Waffen SS for a period in 1942.
Damsleth was sentenced to 5 years hard labour.
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