Ciliax, Otto  (30.10.91-12.12.64)

Took over from Admiral Boehm as Commander of German naval forces in Norway on 04.03.43, a post he held until 25.04.45. Earlier appointments included command of the battlecruiser Scharnhorst (07.01.39-28.09.39) , the pocket-battleship Admiral Scheer (22.09.36-30.10.38) and a spell as Commander-in-Chief Battleships (16.06.41-02.06.42). Ciliax was in command of the famous ‘Channel Dash’ (Operation Cerberus) made by Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and the Prinz Eugen on 11-13.02.42, an action for which he was awarded the Ritterkreuz. He had joined the navy on 01.04.10 and served in the U-boat arm for the majority of WWI. He rose to the rank of Admiral to which he was promoted on 01.02.43. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 21.03.42 and the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold on 20.11.41.

Sir Kenneth Cross (1911-)

Air Chief Marshal Sir Kenneth Cross , Born 04.10.1911 . Pilot Officer 1930.Commanding Officer  No. 46 Fighting Sqdn (Hurricans) at Bardufoss in Norway 1940. One of three survivers of the Sqdn when ”Glorius” was sunk in the Norwegian Sea , SW of Narvik after been hit by gunfire from the German Battleship ”Scharnhorst” . 
Air Chief Marhal 1965 .
KCB 1959 – CB 1954 – CBE 1945 – DSO 1943 – DFC 1940 
Norwegian War Cross w/Sword 20 mars 1942 (as the first foreigner)
Legion of Merit 1944 (USA) – Legion of Honour and Croix de Guerre 1944 (France) – Order of Orange Nassau 1945 (Dutch)
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