These are official pictures from the German kriegsberichters.
A total of 60 bildberichters and wortberichters (journalists) was following the Operation Weserubung. 
Between April to June 1940 they took 7800 photos, 9550 meters of film, and wrote 168 reportage's and made 136 radio programs about the battles in Norway.
German infantry advancing towards Hønefoss.
German mortar crew in action. 
The extremely rare panzerkampfwagen NbFz V Jumbo. Only six of these ever existed, all of them served in Norway, and two were destroyed. Rheinmetall's (PzKpfw NbFz V) design had 37mm Tankkanone L/45 installed over a 75mm KwK L/24. It had a crew of 6 men. They where used by Panzerabt.z.B.V 40 
A rare shot of a German kriegsmarine soldier in a Norwegian uniform. Photo is taken in Narvik. The reason for this was that the survivours from the sunken Zerstoerers captured the depot at Elvegaardsmoen with Norwegian uniforms and used them in lack of German uniforms.  Several of these "Gebirgsmarine" soldiers where later executed by Polish and French soldiers. I know that German u-boatcrew sometimes used british battle tunics instead of german tunics, but this is the only time I have heard that land forces used the enemy's uniform.
German gebirgsjaegers taking cover somewhere in Narvik. 

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